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  1. Mondolfo Ferro MT2450 Tire Balancer/Wheel Balancer For Trucks and Buses


    Heavy duty electronic wheel balancer created to meet the requirements of the tire service professional working mainly on truck and bus wheels • Included programs and accessories also allow you to work on passenger and light trucks.
  2. 4FD Helper Arm


    Startline by Mondolfo Ferro HELPER-4FD Tire Changer Assist Arm
  3. S122TI Economy Semi-automatic Table Top Tilt Back Tire Changer


    Semi-automatic table top tilt back tire changer • European design and engineering.
  4. S112TI Economy Table Top Swing Arm Tire Changer


    Semi-automatic table top swing arm tire changer • European design and engineering.
  5. SX1 Helper Tire Changer Assist Arm


    SX1 HELPER tire changer assist arm is a practical and functional device designed to make mounting and demounting operations quicker, more precise and safer, and is capable of working on all types of tires — including ultra low profile, run flat tires, and alloy wheels.
  6. Mondolfo Ferro MT3200UP-PLUS Data Entry Wheel Balancer


    High performance digital wheel balancer with latest generation software solutions.
  7. MT3600UP — Digital Wheel Balancer


    EASY-ALU Electronic wheel balancer with monitor and latest software solutions for cars and lightweight transport vehicles.
    MT3600UP —Digital Wheel Balancer
  8. Super RM Eagle Assist Arm For Tire Changers


    Mondolfo Ferro Super RM Eagle Assist Arm for Tire Changers
  9. Mondolfo Ferro MT3800 Tire Balancer/Wheel Balancer With LCD Monitor


    Mondolfo Ferro MT3800CLASER semi-automatic data input wheel balancer with power clamp has a widescreen monitor with high-resolution graphics and user interface.
    MT3800CLASER—Digital Wheel Balancer
  10. MT3650UP — Semi-automatic Data Input Wheel Balancer


    Electronic wheel balancers for cars, lightweight transport vehicles and motor vehicles — designed to allow maximum access to inside the wheel.,br> MT3650UP — Semi-automatic Data Input Wheel Balancer

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